Modular Or Site Built

Modular homes are the future of home building. They are engineered like site-built homes in a weather-proof environment. They are shipped to the house site in modules and assembled using a crane. As building costs escalate and skilled labor becomes limited, modular homes can offer the same features and benefits of a site-built house for less cost and similar value.




  • High aesthetic appeal
  • Any style, add any feature
  • Garage, basement, attic
  • Modular looks like site-built
  • Engineered in weather-proof
  • Engineered Outdoors
  • Site-built and modular look same


  • Can be architect-designed
  • Full customization
  • Custom designed without fees
  • Significant design fees
  • Significant engineering fees


  • Materials cost are lower
  • Materials not exposed to weather
  • Less labor hours
  • Lower cost and less waste
  • Higher materials cost
  • Materials exposed to weather
  • More labor hours and labor shortages
  • Higher costs and more waste


  • Modular delivered to site within 16 weeks
  • Site is already prepared
  • Average custom build ranges from 9 to 12+ months
  • Construction is weather-dependent


  • Built in climate controlled setting
  • Materials not subjected to weather
  • Built from scratch and delivered in modules to the site
  • Crane installation
  • Materials delivered to site and exposed to weather
  • Schedule delays due to weather and/or vendors


  • High quality, high aestheticmodular holds its value
  • Site-built currently holds their value
  • Modular making value gains


  • Building codes as same as site-built
  • Building codes as same as modular

Improving quality of life, at home.

Homes for Life modular homes have the huge added benefit of space that can accommodate ALL ages. From zero threshold entries to built-in elevator shafts for later use, our homes are designed for all people of all ages and physical abilities. We have ready-designed modular plans or we can work with you to design a modular home to your specifications.